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Alchemy CMS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails
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2012 - today

What we do

Digital craftmenship

We consult and develop great products for all kinds of companies with passion. We are fascinated by ideas that enhance and ease the daily life. We believe that with our work we can change how people work and experience digital products. Open Source is a huge part of our work and we believe it will make the world a better place.

Our tools

Storytelling With Content

"A good storyteller has the power to transport audiences to a different world."

For ecommerce projects we use Spree combined with the Narrator CMS engine to empower small and large companies telling their stories to the customer. 

Our work is based on highly professional agile project management, a good network of experts alongside with good quality management. 

Who we are?

We are a software development consultancy based in Hamburg and Berlin, Germany

Great challenges require first class equipment. And a team hat knows how to use them. We are geeks who act on conviction with enthusiasm and elan to push barriers and get you the best digital appearance possible. Our mission: develop elegant, simple and unique websites and web applications.

To complete our missions we use tools like Ruby on Rails, Alchemy CMS and Spree Commerce, combined with agile project management. 

Check our superpowers

You have a great idea and need someone to build it?

We work with small startups and big companies

What does your website need to do? The standards for modern websites are higher than ever. They have to be modern and in style. User-friendly, fast and optimized for search engines. They have to maximize your business value and to be accessible by every browser and any device: computers, tablets or smartphones. And of course, it has to be fresh and original so the visitors will stay. 

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